Why You Should Avoid Gambling

Many people view gambling as an exciting way to take a risk, and they don’t believe it can be as dangerous as drugs or alcohol. However, gambling is highly addictive and can destroy your finances, damage your relationships and even your health.

The most common cause of arguments between couples is money, and when one partner gambles, it’s likely that couple is not on the same page with finances. Spending too much money and not communicating about it with your partner almost always creates tension. Therefore, People who gamble compulsively are more likely to become divorced or separated than people who don’t. If you have children, it will undoubtedly cause family issues.

Addicted gamblers will often miss their children’s school events or birthday parties, and the children of problem gamblers are more likely to gamble when they grow up.

Contrary to popular belief, very few people who gamble ever win back their money. Typically, the more you lose to gambling, the greater the desire to risk even more in an effort to win your money back. Problem gamblers try to convince themselves that they’re “due for a win.” In reality, you’re not any more likely to win just because you’ve lost many times. Problem gamblers often face debt, overdue bills, eviction and bankruptcy. They are also statistically more likely to commit crimes like tax evasion, fraud and theft than people who don’t gamble.

Even wealthy celebrities have run into hard-times or experienced financial hardship brought on by compulsive gambling. In 2006, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife estimated he spent about $200,000 a week on gambling. Many other Celebs have lost tens-of-thousands even millions of dollars as well, including Ben Affleck, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, and Ray Romano.

People who gamble excessively have also experienced negative physical & mental health issues. Many gamblers suffer from low self-esteem due to frequent loss and gamblers are more likely to suffer from anxiety, ADHD, OCD, depression and bipolar disorder. (although, the reverse could also be true) Some physical issues known to plague Gamblers include fatigue, muscle tension, increased heart rate, insomnia and migraines. Addicted gamblers are also likely to smoke or abuse alcohol and drugs in an effort to cope with their stress.

Gambling may appear fun and exciting, but it’s highly addictive and THAT makes it dangerous. Countless people have destroyed their families, shattered friendships, ruined great careers, forfeited their health & eventually woundup bankrupt or destitute - All from their addiction! It’s best to simply avoid gambling altogether.

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