Why Women Want to Leave Russian & Ukraine

Ukrainian and Russian men are unfortunately in short supply according to Russian & Ukrainian women. However, with the most recent conflict in the Ukraine, it seems this problem has only been exacerbated, particularly among Ukrainian men. Ukrainian men in general enjoy drinking and partying, learning from a relatively young age that consuming alcohol is a part of the cultural lifestyle. Many Ukrainian men learn their habits from the compulsory basic military training that they must participate in. Ukrainian men are typically macho and believe in leading a stoic existence even (or especially) during economically depressed times. A poor economy does very little to lift spirits, but fueling stoicism with depressants only makes matters worse. Apparently, this is exactly what is happening in the Ukraine and it’s leading to an even more widespread gender imbalance. This imbalance has effected the number of available women in the Ukraine, without enough suitable men with whom they can start a family.

Russian & Ukrainian men only have a life expectancy of 63 years. In contrast, Western Nations can boast a male life-expectancy of 80-81 years. Thus, the average western male enjoys a life expectancy that is 27% greater. Alcoholism, drug abuse and cigarette smoking are thought to be the most common contributing factors and/or life-shortening vices among Ukrainian men. Alcoholism has been a problem for generations but drug abuse has become rampant in the last decade. However, it may be misleading to refer to the more recent proliferation of home-brew concoctions - containing various ‘bathtub blends’ of household chemicals - as drugs. With growing alcoholism, black market drug-abuse and chemical injectables, there is a decline in suitable men for marriage.
An unfortunate side-effect of drugs & alcoholism is emotional and physical abuse. Such widespread alcoholism is probably the result of Ukraine’s recession-mired economy and lack of opportunities available to its men. However, the widespread domestic abuse suffered by Slavic women as a result, only serves to make western suitors appear kind and attentive by comparison.
The end result is that men are dying earlier than women in the Ukraine. There is also evidence that pollutants are suppressing the ‘Y-chromosome’ and leading to a shortage of men. In parts of the Ukraine, this relationship is clearly evident and is resulting in more female births than male. However, Nature has ensured that a woman’s maternal instincts are strong and she seeks to find a suitable mate to sire her offspring, regardless of nationality.

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