Why When Love Cigars

The pleasure in smoking a fine cigar cannot be understated, and the activity can even have a positive effect on your mental health. The relaxation while smoking cigars is what draws many men to it. A cigar can take between forty- five (45) minutes to two-anda- half hours to smoke, depending on its size. But, what makes cigars so relaxing is how smoking one becomes a period of quiet reflection, where you can detach from the troubles of the outside world. Enjoy a cigar while reading a book or kicking back in your favorite chair and you’ll discover a very rewarding experience. Another advantage of this hobby is that it has always been incredibly social. Many like to indulge while playing a game of poker with a few buddies.

Most casual cigar smokers are surprised at how much work can be involved in making a cigar. The actual process is complicated, but it starts in tobacco fields in Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba and Dominican Republic. After the plants are mature, the tobacco is harvested and then cured. However, the flavor and quality of a cigar will be crafted from a master blender. He brings harmony to the cigar wrapper and the filler. After the blend is perfected, approximately 250 to 500 hands will inspect each hand-made cigar to ensure quality.

When it comes to cigar culture, there are a rich variety of subjects you can discuss. You can talk about maduro versus oscuro, or the different cigar sizes, shapes and the proper way to season a humidor. As a result, you have many things to talk about with other aficionados over a cigar. The vast majority of people smoke a cigar to enjoy the exquisite and subtle flavors of the blend. You have as many different flavors as you do with wine, and as many interesting notes and nuances, from the mild to the full-strength stogies.

If you are a novice, you’ll want to take baby steps and start with something mild because you want your first experience to be more pleasant. As with all hobbies, you can make great friends in the cigar world, from the beginners who are eager to learn, to the old timers who impart words of wisdom. Most cigar smokers love to relax, enjoy a glass of whiskey and smoke a cigar over some good conversation among friends.

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