What's Next for the iPhone?

The Future of Next Generation iPhone

The highly anticipated iPhone 7 is set to hit shelves by December 2016. Many consumers are excited about new features including dual camera lenses, and upgraded antenna for better reception.

A controversial aspect of the new iPhone 7 is that it doesn’t have a headphone jack. While this may seem off putting to some at first, it really enabled Apple® to save room and add other features in the phone. Many headphones will be wireless and Bluetooth enabled by 2017 anyway, so it’s really seen as a move forward. Users should embrace the wireless technology, just as wireless internet improved our lives. Wireless everything is what’s next for the iPhone.

Expect better signal reception and call quality with the improved design of the antenna bands in the new iPhone 7. While voice calls are already crystal clear, this should help improve data transmission enough to smooth out any lags that may otherwise be seen in iPhone to iPhone facetime video chat.

The iPhone 7 will have an upgraded processor which should make rendering video and processing data noticeably faster than in previous versions. Another innovation incorporated into the iPhone 7 is wireless charging. You will be able to place your phone on a wireless charging pad, which should be available everywhere from restaurants to your home, and allow the phone’s battery to charge without being physically connecting to a wire.

Perhaps the most exciting feature coming to the new iPhone is the dual lens camera on the rear section of the phone. Many users have been pressing Apple®, asking whats next for iPhone, and this is their ultimate answer. With each lens taking portions of the frame and quality, then combining the two images through advanced software the iPhone 7 will be capable of extremely high quality photography. It’s rumored that the dual lens cameras will be able to take near-DSLR quality shots.

There are two screen sizes for the iPhone 7, 4.7 and 5.5 inches. These are on par with previous releases such as the iPhone 6S. Whats next for iPhone in terms of RAM, you ask? Expect two to three Gigabytes of RAM in the 4.7 and 5.5 inch model, respectively.

The new iPhone will trump earlier versions with a massive 256GB of storage space, which means you will be syncing up to your computer less often to make room for new files. However, with the dual lens camera system file sizes will surely get bigger as well.

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