Whether you are into history, art, or discharging rounds from an AK-47, the Russian capital city of Moscow will satisfy your cravings. All the wondrous history of Russia can be palpably felt in this historic capital. From Czars to revolution, dictators to Oligarchs, and from the remnants of communism to modern department stores, the whole of mother Russia is on display here. In this article we will share just a few of the many awesome things to do and see in this fabulous city.

The Red Square

If you only have a few days to spare in Moscow, we would definitely recommend heading straight to Red Square. It is no exaggeration to say that, when in Red Square you will be standing “in the heart of Russia”. From Red Square alone you can see all the main historical attractions around you: the Kremlin, Lenin's tomb, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Glavny Universalny Magazin, Russia's largest department store. We recommend using this site as your major point of orientation. From here you can easily venture out and take pictures of all the major attractions in Russia's capital city.

Saint Basil's Cathedral

After looking around a bit in Red Square, head over to the far side of the square to St. Basil's Cathedral. This is perhaps the most iconic spot in the entire city. This Cathedral, built in the 1550's by Ivan the Terrible, has truly become a globally recognized symbol and just like Russia's own history, this ‘architectural marvel’ is shrouded in a great deal of mystery.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral: Unfortunately, n o architectural historian seems to know exactly why this famous church was built the way it was. Some suggest the church represents the medieval 8-pointed star. Some think this church was meant to pay homage to the churches of Jerusalem. Either way, this cathedral formally called “The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed” is a Russian treasure and is currently open to the public as a museum.

AK-47: The Russian Shooting Experience

For those of you who don't really much care about history... why not try shooting an AK-47? By signing up for the Russian Shooting Experience, you will learn the entire history of the Kalashnikov (aka: the AK-47) and be able to shoot with one yourself. You will be instructed at the Central Shooting Club of the Russian Army Training Society. After you are done shooting, you can take your practice target home with you. Honestly, what better souvenir could a man ask for?

As Winston Churchill famously said, "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Perhaps only someone who has visited Moscow can fully comprehend the depth of Churchill's statement. Indeed, this capital city offers a great deal of things to do and see, so be sure to plan your own trip as early as possible. You won't regret it!

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