Slavs Make Great Wives

Russian and Ukrainian Women Believe it is Their Destiny to be a Loving Wife and Mother

These women are ideal for any man who appreciates the role of women as loving mothers and wives. This is because Slavic ladies hold on to the core belief that a family is the most critical part of a woman’s life. In Russian culture, a woman’s ultimate calling is to get married and become a mother. Because of their heritage, they put a great deal of effort, love and care into the raising of children. This ensures that their children are given every opportunity to be strong and happy. These ladies come from an old-world upbringing, and therefore they may ignore a man’s shortcomings if he can promise a life that provides a healthy balance of work, family and children.

Traditional Values Reinforce This Destiny for Single Russian and Ukrainian Women

Motherhood for a Ukrainian or Russian woman may be reinforced by her traditional values. However, this does not mean that a Russian woman is ready to abandon her ambitions and clean house all day. Due to wide-spread male cultural issues, there are many ladies who have unexpectedly become single mothers in the East. These ladies have had to fend for their families and have become successful. However they know the value of being a sexy, devoted wife and loving mother. Even the most career- savvy woman will not be lax in these important roles. Nothing makes for a better marriage than a Russian or Ukrainian woman who knows how to take care of her man and her children.

Slavic Women Take Great Care in Their Appearance and are Sure to Always Look Their Best

Men desire women who look after themselves and take pride in their physical appearance. Russian and Ukrainian women know staying in shape increases self-esteem and these ladies are widely known for their confidence. Most Ukrainian and Russian women will be in better physical condition from walking several miles each day - to work. Trying to always look their best stems from a culture in which this quality is admired in women. American men also admire these characteristics because they are reminiscent of the qualities that we loved and respected in our grandmothers. In contrast, visit any Walmart Store and you’ll see young women with unkempt hair, no makeup or even wearing their pajamas. Single Russian & Ukrainian women wouldn’t be caught dead looking like this in public. We’ve all heard a Grandmother ask; “Since when did taking pride in your appearance become passe?” Well, it seems to have gone out of style, slowly, over the years. But, it gave rise to an all new ‘Made-in-America’ fashion . . . It’s called feminism!

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