Russian Dating Site Photos: Real or Fake?

We decided to interview the people at an international premier dating site, to find out why so many Russian and Ukrainian ladies’ photos look SO good. In fact, when I first saw so many profiles with professional model-like photos, I figured they must be fake! So I contacted Oksana, the Director of CIS Relations at Russian Love Match® and asked if she would grant me an interview. She seemed eager to answer my questions …

HRB Mag: Why do SO many ladies have professional model-like photos? Are they fake?

Oksana: No, they are genuine! We have been in the International Correspondence and International Premier Matchmaking Industry since early 2004 and we have focused on building a reputation for featuring the most stunning Russian & Ukrainian ladies on our site. We understand that many visitors can get a little skeptical when they see online dating profiles full of beautiful women that have obviously posed for professional photographers. But, although at first glance they may seem too ‘good to be true’, there are several reasons that our ladies work so hard to look so good.

HRB Mag: What would those reasons be? Can you explain what’s really going on?

Oksana: One reason Russian profile pictures look so good is that Russian ladies tend to be very competitive. But, from the very beginning, when creating a Profile on RLM, our ladies know they are competing against tens-of-thousands of beautiful women for the attention of a select group of men. They are also painfully aware that they are competing against local American women who are [geographically] more accessible. Because of this, and because they know that we [at RLM] have a history of “featuring” only those ladies with the most popular photographs, they have learned that if they want to be “featured”, they have to put their best foot forward. This is one of the reasons so many of our ladies take the time to look their best when taking a profile picture. It is also why we encourage our ladies to engage the services of professional photographers and why we allow photos of our ladies wearing bikinis and other revealing outfits.

HRB Mag: So, you’re saying that Russian Love Match® is largely responsible for contributing to the already overly competitive nature of Russian Dating Sites by only featuring Ladies with the most professional and enticing photos ? In addition, strongly urging your female members to contract the services of Professional Photography Studios?

Oksana: Yes, but that is not the only reason these ladies look so good. Over the years, more and more women have been forced to vie for the affections of a much lessor number of ‘eligible’ bachelors. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that so many Russian men are not considered ‘eligible’ for marriage [by their Russian & Ukrainian counterparts] due to socially acceptable drug & alcohol use, widespread substance abuse and in many cases, even addiction. An already competitive cultural situation has encouraged physical fitness among single Russian & Ukrainian women as a way to be more physically attractive. Therefore, many of our ladies work hard at taking care of their bodies and are proud of that effort and the visible results. Besides, what lady doesn’t want to look her best when posing for photographs?

HRB Mag: Okay, that makes sense. But not many North American women would consider hiring professional photographers for dating site photos. How do so many Russian & Ukrainian women justify going to such lengths?

Oksana: I remember when I first came to the United States as a Russian Bride, I used to see glamour shots photography studios in every shopping mall. This was very popular among American ladies at the time because those shops employed professional stylists, make-up artists and photographers that would style your hair, apply your make-up and they even maintained a selection of colorful clothing on wardrobe racks for use in professional photo-sessions. Our Ladies also have access to professional photographers and a similar service has become popular in the CIS. Remember that Russia is still a communist country, so the government dictates where a business can establish itself. This means our ladies have access to professional photography services no matter where in the country they live.

HRB Mag: I’ll buy that, but what about those ladies with really provocative photos? Might it be safe to assume that a lady with risqué photos is trying a little too hard to attract men? Some of these ladies’ photos look like they’re advertising for an escort service. Why is that?

Oksana: You have to remember that Russian and Ukrainian women are just like other European women. Everyone knows that German, French or Portuguese women are very comfortable being topless and surely American men are aware that most European beaches are topless or nude. So, European women are quite comfortable in their ‘skin’. Also, Europeans are used to seeing women displayed in provocative company advertisements for an assortment of products appearing in many advertising venues. So, this is quite normal and such photos appear regularly in most [Euro] magazines. Therefore, many of our ladies think of this as simply another art form, while some may be exploiting the awareness that men are attracted to such photos. In any case, there is no reason to believe that a lady is ‘loose’ or will move a relationship along too quickly, simply because of such photography. So we allow these types of photos.

HRB Mag: Americans forget that nudity is generally considered acceptable in Europe. In fact, I must admit even I am always taken by surprise with the provocative advertisements in their magazines. You make some very convincing points Oksana. What else, if anything, contributes to why your ladies look so good?

Oksana: Of course, genetics also plays a role in the beauty of our women. Russian and Ukrainian women are known for being some of the most stunning in the world, and many come to America and become models or actresses. Some famous examples of Russian women who American men can’t take their eyes off of include Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Milla Jovovich and Olesya Rulin just to name a few. Plus, most men visiting our site don’t realize that so many of our ladies on RLM are already famous or successful in their home country. Many of our ladies are accomplished professionals such as doctors, attorneys, dentists, accountants, dancers, singers, musicians, artists, athletes, actresses and models. The average lady speaks at least three (3) languages fluently and has an extensive education in the arts or sciences. These are typically professional women, performers and athletes who are talented or successful enough to have seen more of the world than provincial girls. So, they are also the ones who yearn to create a better life for themselves abroad.

HRB Mag: I must admit I’ve wondered why Russian women always had such hot photos. But what do you say to a man, seeing only professional photos in the absence of typical ‘selfies’, to convince him the site and ladies are real?

Oksana: Well, you see a lot of pretty ladies on our site because we make it a point to show them to you! We use special algorithms in our code to make sure the most popular ladies appear as “featured”. Furthermore, every time you perform a search, the results are sorted [by default] in descending order from most to least popular. This way, our male members always see the most attractive ladies first and might be more inclined to initiate contact. We know our members want to find the most attractive women they’re compatible with, so we ‘serve-them-up’ at the top of the list. It’s a little known fact, but if you reverse the default sort order, you can populate the results with all the ladies that posted ‘selfies’.

HRB Mag: So Oksana, what’s the “bottom line” here?

Oksana: Paul, the bottom line is this... You see SO many beautiful Russian women on our site because there are simply many stunning Russian women. There are more family-oriented women in Russia than there are ‘eligible men’, forcing ladies to look elsewhere for love. Such circumstances create the incentive for women to want to look the best they possibly can. To do whatever they perceive as necessary to stand out above the crowd. So, I hope now, when your readers see SO many stunning beauties on they’ll know why it’s SO important to these ladies to look so good!

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