Well, hello. Welcome to Hot Russian Brides Men's Lifestyle Magazine, brought to you from the International love connection website, Hot Russian Brides. I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to what's inside this, and all future issues of this new digital magazine. Within these pages, you're going to find a bevy of beautiful women.

Now, you'll assume the photos you're looking at are simply models thrown into the milieu for nothing more than eye candy to shill this publication; for the sole purpose of reeling in readers. I can personally tell you here and now you're wrong if you do. Every single woman you find listed in here are real people. They're all members of Hot Russian Brides International Dating Site. Each and every member has been carefully screened before joining Hot Russian Brides, and then selected to appear as representatives for this Men's Lifestyle Magazine. Wanna know the best part of all this? Each and every single woman featured here are all single, intelligent and marriage-minded. There isn't a one of them that isn't the genuine article. For this reason, they're selected at random for more than just a photographic smorgasbord. These women are given this focus so that you might learn a little about her, possibly learning that she might well be the right girl for you. Within this website and each issue of Hot Russian Brides - Men's Lifestyle Magazine, you'll find yourself seeing the best that Mother Russia and the Ukraine have to offer. These beautiful girls all have a great deal to offer a man. Loyalty, class, refinement, a strong work ethic, and most importantly, a deep-seated respect for herself, and the person she chooses to shower her gifts upon. In saying that; you'd expect that the ladies you're seeing featured in the Men's Lifestyle Magazine look nothing like her photos. You'd be wrong there too.

At Hot Russian Brides, the screening process also includes a video interview, so that the webmaster knows the smile coming at you from these photographs indeed matches the woman on his screen. And the cherry on top? You, if you choose to communicate with a gorgeous woman within the Russian Federation, you'll get to see her smiling face in real-time as well. Each issue of this digital magazine will bring you a new selection of available women, each and every one of them the genuine article. They'll show you who they are physically through their photos, and if you're so inclined, you can find out for yourself all you want to know about who she truly is, and what she can bring to the life of a man she chooses to spend hers with. There's only one catch. You need to become a member of Hot Russian Brides to see if she's all you hope she'll be. It's easy to do, and you'll find her member ID # listed within her photo page. She might well be waiting for you to sweep her off her feet. And in kind, you'll find yourself swept away as well. Again, welcome to Hot Russian Bride's Men's Lifestyle Magazine. We hope you'll find more than a little amusement here. We look forward to becoming part of your monthly reading selection.

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