On The Cover: Summer 2016

For this issue we’ve got something truly special. Our Cover Girl, a steamy Russian brunette, really has it all. She says she’s a dancer who is finally ready to settle down and become a home-maker . . . but only for the “right man”!

After taking dance lessons for two years, she put her skills to practice working in clubs and even on scene in locally filmed music videos. Now though, she says she enjoys cooking and shopping with girlfriends. She claims she’s not really a shy person, but admits she can appear to be shy initially. But with curves like this she never fails to get noticed when in public, and she says sometimes the attention is flattering.

We asked her what she looks for in a man, to which she said one word; “strength”. Muscles are a turn on for this beauty, but mostly because she wants to know her future man will be able to keep her safe. She said she’s not spoiled but has been known to use a pout (or two) to get what she wants!

She now works in an office, but hasn’t quit turning heads. While in the lunch room some coworkers try to ask her on dates but she’s hesitant to date someone from work. She doesn’t have kids yet, but thinks she wants to have two, in the not-so-distant future.

Though she isn’t dancing professionally now, she enjoys the gym and would love a work-out partner. Her favorite compliment is when someone notices her eyes, however she said most guy’s don’t think to mention them. Take a quick glance and you can see why making her our Cover Girl was an easy choice!

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