Victoria – Young & Gorgeous Ukrainian Beauty

Viky looks like a ‘Cover Girl’ So. . . We made her one ! This stunning lady you see here, gracing the pages of this edition of Hot Russian Brides® Men’s Lifestyle Magazine™ is single, 26 years old, 5’-6” tall, 110 pounds, has brown hair (currently), green eyes and has never been married. She’s perfect!

All fantasizing aside, there’s more to Viktoriya than meets the eye. For instance, Vikky hails from Odessa Ukraine where she currently works as a manager. Like many young Ukrainian ladies, she is conversant in English and wants to eventually have children - Ah!

But alas, Viky apparently knows the difference between sex and conversation, so she’s not going to fall ‘headover- heels’ for the first smooth-talker she meets. She is realistic about love though. Viky is not looking for an ideal man, she’s simply looking to fall in love with a real man. To Viky, ‘real’ means a man who is responsible, stable, reliable and sincere. She is a “personality” she says, but is mindful that, superficially “we are all personalities”. Viky seeks to get “beyond that” with her future partner. She just wants to feel complete in her future relationship.

She claims to be sweet and caring, but at the same time, confesses to being emotional & temperamental. In other words... treat her right, or watch out! Viky is also quite cultured and appreciates the fine arts, including art, museums, dance and theater. She also has a fondness for the great outdoors, and loves sports, animals and nature. Whenever she can, Viky also enjoys skiing and playing volleyball. In other words, she loves to live a full life!

She also takes care of herself, staying fit and attractive. She values family and desires a man to make a family with. Brains and beauty both, you can see more of Viky on

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