Miss October 2016 – Independent Traditional Russian Bride

Though she is only 28 years old, Miss October knows who she is and what she wants. This stunningly beautiful Hot Russian Brides® Featured Lady (who goes by ’NiceInsomnia‘ ) has no intention of relying on her good looks to get through life. Valentina, a professional psychologist, uses her skills outside the office to make friends and better understand the needs of others.

She says she wants to use that skill to build a happy home and create a cozy environment that her future husband will want to come home to. Valentina also enjoys sports, movies and working out to stay in shape. She says she tries to work out every day, and it shows in her athletic 5’ - 7” frame and petite 110 pounds.

This Ukrainian beauty is looking to share her life with a man to whom family is of the utmost importance. “Ideally, he will be brave and somewhat rugged while remaining polite and reliable” she says. Apparently, looks aren’t quite as important to ‘NiceInsomnia’ as finding a kind soul with healthy habits and an active lifestyle. Though she takes no issue with social drinking, our Miss October would prefer a non-smoker and non-drinker who will spend his time at home kissing her; an activity she hopes to make irresistible for her future husband.

Valentina has never been married and has no children, so she can devote much of her spare time and attention to her future husband and the family they will hopefully build together. Hot Russian Brides® Magazine is proud to share this charming lady with our readers and we hope you find her as enchanting as we do!

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