Here Comes the Tesla 3

Introducing the New Tesla 3

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, has promised the Tesla-3 will be a “game-changer.” If the recent unveiling of the Tesla-3 has taught us anything, it's that he's right. The car is sharp and sporty, at amazing price of just $35,000.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the Model-3 is that it's entirely electric and is compatible with a huge network of 'supercharging stations.' There are over 400 such stations in the world, with another 400 expected to be launched by the time the Tesla-3 is released at the end of 2017.

The Model-3 sports a sleek design and is comparable in size to many small sedans on today's market, such as the Ford Focus. However, the Tesla-3 boasts a more efficient use of this room. With no internal combustion engine, the Tesla-3 has more room for passengers and cargo and can comfortably hold up to 5 adults (with plenty of leg room).

There is a trunk in the front of the car as well as traditional cargo space behind the rear seats. The Model-3 is actually SO roomy that you can fit a 7-foot surfboard in the vehicle and still close the rear hatch. The rear glass in the hatch extends forward all the way past the rear passengers’ head space and is made of one solid piece.

Musk and his team expect a 5-star safety rating in all categories since the car was designed with a safety-first attitude. There are numerous safety features including computerized collision detection, air bags all around and impact reduction zones making use of energy absorbing materials. Since the car hasn't been tested by an outside third party yet, Tesla was forced to change wording on their website from “5-Star Safety Rating” to “Designed to Achieve a 5-Star Safety Rating”, but the Tesla-3 is expected to receive such a rating.

Speed doesn’t seem to be sacrificed at all in the Model-3. It can go from zero to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds! The car also boasts an excellent range as well, as it is capable of going 215 miles on a single charge (which should get you to a charging station no matter where you're traveling to).

The most exciting feature of the Model-3 is its Autopilot hardware. Tesla hasn't released all the details regarding this feature yet, but it’s rumored to include everything from advanced collision detection to emergency braking assistance and parking assistance. Some are hopeful it will be upgradeable to “fully autonomous driving”, meaning no human intervention would be needed for travel.

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