Hgt:5' 3"
Wgt:106 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

Hot Russian BridesĀ® is no stranger to gorgeous single Russian women. We present to you HottFlame. Profile #864210. She's a 24 year old, raven haired, green eyed beauty. She comes from Zaporozhye, Ukraine and stands 5'3" weighing 106 lbs. She doesn't drink or smoke and has excellent English skills. Never married, this marketing professional enjoys new experiences every day. She likes meeting new people, but those who especially have a strong, crazy energy just as she does! HottFlame certainly lives up to her profile name. One minute she can be a calm, demure school girl, and the next she can be an exotic panther! We at Hot Russian BridesĀ® can attest, guys you'd best be on your toes because with HottFlame you will never be bored! But being a multi faceted single Russian woman, she has an old fashioned side to her as well. She feels she will make for an excellent house wife and will enjoy preparing delicious meals for you every day. And after a long hard day at the office she says she'll greet you at the door wearing an apron and 5 inch stiletto heels... and nothing else! HottFlame loves sports and being physically active. Her favourite past time is to go skinny dipping. She freely admits that she gets an adrenaline rush when she's naked on the beach and knows that she is not alone, but only with you her special man by her side. She likes driving in fast cars with the music turned up on the radio. This single Russian woman sure knows how to live! HottFlame says she enjoys physical intimacy and the rush that comes from moments spent in unexpected places.

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