Hgt:5' 10"
Wgt:134 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

I bet very few of you have heard of Kremenchuk, Ukraine. I mean, it’s not Kiev after all. Well, would you be surprised to know that this little-known burb has one of the most stunning blondes you, or any other red-blooded North American male will ever lay eyes upon. Meet TravellGirl, a flaxen-haired vision; one that has a humble yet yielding heart. Her needs are simple. An honest, loving husband, one she can build a life and eventually a family with. At the age of 27, this gorgeous creature has a little of that wholesome girl next door in her, yet exudes a scorchingly dangerous woman vibe; reminiscent of Olivia Newton John in “Grease”. This medically trained doctor is passionate about tourism, and is fluent in English. A single, divorced mother of 1, she looks forward to some simple, no-nonsense fun with a fellow adventurer. Extravagance is not who she is. Simplicity and an explorer’s spirit is all she truly wants out of life with a man lucky enough to win her heart. This fit gazelle of a girl only wants to explore life with a guy that has a tender yet adventurous spirit; one that sees her for who she is; and not who she’s mistaken for. You’ll find this outdoorsy gal has an awful lot to give in terms of not only her heart, but intelligence and humility. If you’re smart enough to listen, she’ll amaze you with her perspectives on love and life. A night in front of a warm fire, embracing this simple-hearted lady is completely possible; all you need to do is say hello, and let Mother Nature take its course. What do you have to lose?

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