Hgt:5' 4"
Wgt:115 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

A resident of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, YourHotAnna not only lives with speed, she craves it. A local speedway organizer, this sultry brunette loves men that crave their need for speed, especially in a killer car. What moves her is the adrenaline rush as the pedal meets the metal. In a convertible with the top down, she loves it even better. This gal has a strong, moral center. Her #1 rule for living is “treat others with the same respect you expect in return”. In short, she’s only interested in a man who knows what the word respect stands for; and more importantly, uses it in his daily life. A perfect date would be a Saturday afternoon at a stock car race, or maybe even at the Grand Prix in Monaco. Imagine the thrill that comes with this beauty as she shares the excitement with you while your chosen favourite crosses the finish line in victory. You could pretty much guarantee that is something that would become a part of your life on a very regular basis. YourHotAnna is aware there is no such thing as a “perfect man”, and is perfectly fine with a few personality flaws. She knows she has them herself. What’s important is talking through an issue, and working mutually to arrive at an agreeable solution for each. Making up, well, you thought racing fever was intense… This girl is all about positives, and spends a lot of time focusing on them, rather than engage in negativity. She’s a happy, uplifting spirit, and she’s hoping you take a moment to say “hello”. From there, let the fates take the two of you on whatever journey falls into place.

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