Hgt:5' 3"
Wgt:99 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

This smouldering dark-eyed beauty literally is a breath taker. Yet, despite her obvious charms, she’s also a well-balanced person, and a dedicated working woman. On a constant learning curve, this grateful yet ambitious professional is always growing, always absorbing, always working on improving herself. You’d think this hard-working woman would be all about career, and not have time for much else. Well, that’s a mistake, sir. Would you be surprised to know that she’d be very happy taking care of her family, waiting at night for her guy to come home after a hard day at work; with a warm kiss and an understanding face? Yes, she’d be happily awaiting his first words about how his day was, and absolutely be a well of deep comfort on those rough days at the office. She’s an active girl, a mere 24 years of age. She’s very family oriented, loyal, and all about balance. She’s looking for a mate that has old-fashioned values about marriage and monogamy. She’s happiest when she’s both maintaining and achieving in her own career, while supporting her guy in his. She’s a kind soul, one that craves romance, love and all that this means physically with one very fortunate guy. She’s very easily made content. A stroll down the promenade at sunset, or sightseeing in Kiev, her home city, or maybe a cold winter’s night in a secluded cabin, where nothing but nature can hear your passion. All she asks for is loyalty and a kind, romantic heart in exchange. Once she kisses you, you’ll stay kissed.

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