Hgt:5' 4"
Wgt:99 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

This woman studies English, and is always looking for conversation to help her improve her skills. She admits to an accent, but that, sir, is part of her charm. At 5'4", she stands tall in a crowded room filled with people. She is definitely not the kind of woman who vanishes into the wallpaper. This brunette has beautiful yet warm gray eyes, and a smile that’d send any man’s blood pressure rising. She’s looking for a protector, one she can spoil rotten; whether it be with her culinary skills, or simply by showing him just how much he means to her, if you catch my drift. Sorry, younger men, she’s only interested in a man older than herself. This is because she has need of a guy that knows his stuff, and can appreciate all she has to offer. That, and great conversation is all she’s asking for. She hopes to meet the right gentleman, and someday, if the stars are all in alignment, to start a family. She’s compassionate, thus her choice of career as a social worker. She’s also passionate about keeping fit and healthy. This is why she spends 4 days a week ensuring her shrine to womanhood is kept in absolutely top form. Couple this with her love of stretching and flexibility; well…whoever wins her love is in for one very wild life when you turn the lights down low.

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