Miss MAY


Hgt:5' 7"
Wgt:99 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

This beautiful 19 year-old vixen is looking for a responsible man who’ll be able to show and give all his life and love to her. Looking at her, one can see she is no ordinary 19-year-old—she has values, dreams and a certain style separating her from the crowd. She describes herself as a kind and communicative girl who loves her life and everything connected to it. Her English skills are intermediate but she is learning to converse better and better everyday! She is able to express herself through her artistic ability, as one can see from her photos. Irafoto’s zodiac sign is the Taurus, known for being reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, and stable. She identifies as Christian but is open-minded and progressive, seeing herself as someone who strikes a balance between being a Modern woman and still holding classic ideals. This stunning, grey-eyed, light-brown haired woman lives in the capital city of Kiev, in northern central Ukraine where she works as a photographer. Although she’s never been married, she desires to find a generous man who can commit to her and establish a life of love with, someone who will understand her and appreciate her sense of style and beauty.

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