Miss MAY


Hgt:5' 7"
Wgt:117 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

If you were to describe her with a single word, it would be “total”. Total, as in totally hot, total class, total personality, total package. A woman of definite wants, she defies the logic usually applied to women of her ilk. This woman is a bombshell. She works hard at managing a hair salon, deeply enjoys culture, travel, and sophisticated pursuits with a guy she chooses to spend her time with. And in saying that, you know she’ll ignite the fires within him using every tool in her considerable arsenal. He’d never forget those nights, lost in daydreams during quieter moments at the office. A physical gal, she believes in staying healthy, not only to keep her body in tip-top shape for him, but also for herself. She’s a chameleon of sorts. As wanton a woman as she portrays herself in her photos, she also knows her social graces, and can fit into many social situations with ease. This green-eyed goddess isn’t looking for Prince Charming. In fact, she’s definitely not a fairy tale sort of girl. Instead, she’s seeking out a man steeped in reality. If she ever gets lucky enough to find him, she’ll be certain he’ll know how thankful she is in return. Unlike a younger woman, this raven haired enchantress does not believe in drama when things aren’t right within her world. Instead, she’ll take herself out of a situation, and heal her body and soul with a little music therapy. A man knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to reach out towards her is all she’s asking for. In return, he’ll know pleasures he could never have thought possible. It could be you.

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