Hgt:5' 5"
Wgt:110 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

This songbird requires no cage. Her melody is one from the heart, and it will sound sweeter than sweet. This single Ukrainian woman from K-City is looking to find a man who will accept all the love she has to give. At the age of 29, this gorgeous girl with the long black hair spends her daily hours as a vocal teacher, and during her engagements, as a singer. She’s marriage minded, and hopes to meet a man who can love her for who she is, body and soul. A romantic at heart, she thrills at the sight of her mate’s warm, loving smile. She’s also all about roses and sweet nothings whispered in her ear. Imagine taking this single Ukrainian woman out on a midnight stroll, and stopping to gaze at her yielding eyes in the shimmering moonlight. That, in itself, is as good as good gets. This lovely lady also adores taking phenomenal care of her body, and clearly spends the right amount of time on keeping everything polished and beautiful. It’s her hope that the right man will take notice, and allows her to get to know him. She’s a person that makes an effort to surround herself with beauty, and hopes one day to share that inner world she lives in with a man that can appreciate the finer points of love. After all, she deserves the best of him, because all he’ll ever get is her best. Ninna1 also would someday love to start a family with her chosen guy, and is all too happy to make his home a place of rest and rejuvenation. Nothing less would ever be considered by her.

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