Hgt:5' 6"
Wgt:106 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

AlluringLips is anything but unattainable. At the tender age of 25, this leggy beauty is just enough spice mixed in with sugar to keep her interesting. A passionate woman, this resident of Kyiv, Ukraine is seeking a man who enjoys life to its fullest. She’s keen on a guy that stands for integrity as well as honesty. No illusions cloud this Athena’s perch on Mount Olympus. She sees the world as a beautiful place. Speaking of adventure, she’s seeking a man that’ll happily let her lead him on personal adventures; ones involving no airline tickets or hiking boots. AlluringLips is an honest woman with a big heart; one that matches her curves and peaches and cream skin. She’s also a potent girl, one that no man would soon forget. She’s honestly hoping that life will bring her love, happiness, and eventually a family. This lady knows what’s important, and is more than thrilled to share her good fortune with a man that has all the right stuff. She’s fearless in anything she puts her sights upon. She’s hoping he is just as fearless. The man who is will know pleasures he could scarcely imagine, as well as a love so deep he’d be ruined for all other women. A well-rounded female, AlluringLips has a few wants in her ideal guy. Honesty is key, integrity is a must, and a love of passionate lovemaking is essential. She also values a man that’s handsome from the inside out, and not just be handsome. In short, it’s not your looks, it’s your ability to bring laughter into her life. There is very little she’s asking for in this life. It’s a good chance you might be the key to her happily ever after.

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