Miss JULY - Ukrainian Bride


Hgt:5' 4"
Wgt:121 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

Odessa certainly has its share of breathtaking views; however few locales compare to the dewy-eyed beauty of one of her native daughters. This 22-year-old that goes by the moniker of ShiningKris is a girl of few words, but much action. She’s a moral girl; one that lives by some very strict personal rules. For one, she is a person very happy to share anything she has to offer with those deserving souls she calls friend. As well, she is an advocate of fair play, and does not believe in being physically rough with others. She is as she appears a gentle soul, a kind one, and always a lady. Besides her sun-kissed skin and cascading blonde hair, she also has the most beautiful green eyes; and those orbs of jade are all too happy to set their sights on one man, her partner and lover for life. She believes in judging a person by their actions, not through words or looks. A fair-minded person, she also knows others might well judge her due to her young years. With that being said, she’s quick to let a guy know she’s ready to walk side by side through life with a man, and hopes to have herself a big family someday. She always strives to take control of her own happiness, and will gladly share that with a guy if he has all his marbles lined up. This girl isn’t digging for gold. She is gold, and she well knows it. Have you got the nerve to tell her otherwise? Take a long, hard look. No man could find less than a beautiful spirit when doing so. So, tonight, why not take a look at this jewel in Odessa. I’m pretty sure you’ll see what a sparkling reflection she makes when the love light hits her heart.

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