Hgt:5' 9"
Wgt:130 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

Venus, complete with arms to embrace him with. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at this statuesque economist from Nikolayev, Ukraine. Veronika is about as stunning a woman as any man has ever seen. This gazelle stands at 5”9, and is fit, toned and gorgeous. Like many single Ukrainian women, she has very simple needs; to love, be loved, laugh, and feel safe and warm in her man’s embrace. She’s no shrinking violet. She’s looking as well for a guy that has a strong will powerful enough to compliment her own. This single Ukrainian woman has great focus, purpose, and has no problem directing both towards a deserving man, knowing he’ll take her by the hand and lead her towards that inevitable walk down the hall. She’s got charm, class, grace, and enough sex appeal to keep a man so happy he’ll want for nothing or no one else. Leggy, blonde, blue-eyed, what’s not to like. She someday wants to settle down with someone and start a family. But before that, she would very much like to see a bit of the world, with him as her guide. She’s also careful to keep her goddess-like figure in check by making sure it gets proper nutrition and rest. This assemblage of stunning womanhood also loves a little romance from her guy. Whether it be a note stuck to the bathroom mirror, or an unexpected bouquet of flowers, she’ll show her appreciation in ways that would leave him weak in the knees. Beauty, brains and brass; she’s the genuine article. Why not make her yours. Take a chance and say hello.

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