Wgt:110 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

This 19 year-old woman is looking for someone to “conquer her stormy temperament,” she says with a wink. Despite her fiery spark, Stormspirit describes herself as shy, someone looking for a man to start a family with, a man who wants to settle down and be with one woman for life. Her man would ideally be honest, loyal and really happy with her. Despite her youth she believes in true love and values family, believing that filling one’s life with love, joy and family is the best way to live, that “the greatest happiness” comes from making your family life great. She has never been married and doesn’t have any children, but desires both. Like many women, Stormspirit believes that we all have a second half who will complete us—we just have to find them! This hazel-eyed, light-brown haired woman lives as a student in the capital city of Kiev, in northern central Ukraine. Stormspirit’s zodiac sign is Cancer, known for being tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, and persuasive. As you can tell from her photos, she is very persuasive, wanting someone who will be compatible with her cheeky nature, her wholesome beliefs and her desire to create a family of love.

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