Hgt:5' 3"
Wgt:106 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

Smilewoman certainly has the goods to offer you a warm feeling as you wake up next to her. This nubile 21-year-old hails from Odessa, Ukraine, and is hoping you’ll allow her charms to become a part of your life. This no-nonsense young woman believes in tranquility as well as beauty when it comes to making her man happy. This small but potent girl has her eyes fixed upon the future, and knows how to bring good old-fashioned values to a relationship. She wants to meet a solid man; one that knows his place is at the head of the table. She’s a family oriented person, and wants to know he's the voice of reason and stability. Smilewoman has but one dream; a loving home, one that sees her doting on children. Those children can either be all her own; or the product of a blended family. She wants for you to have a great wife, the type that takes the time to make sure her husband has all the comforts he craves after a hard day at the office. A curious lady, she’s happy to travel by his side, or perhaps just talk about life while making sure his dinner is just right. As per her peaceful nature, she’s quick to apologize if there’s conflict, just to make sure her chosen partner has a well-adjusted life to come home to each day. In saying that, she's sometimes vocal if things aren’t really reasonable, but is always willing to talk it over. The best part of it all; making up. You can bet she’ll throw all that drama into a physical apology, each and every time. There is only one catch: you need to let her know you’re interested. One message could turn your life into heaven on earth.

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