Ms. Dec '14


Hgt:5' 5"
Wgt:112 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

This gorgeous brunette from Donetsk, Lviv in the Ukraine is one lady who cherishes family values above all else. At the age of 25, she is very definite about what her wish list is when it comes to welcoming a man into her life. A hard-working administrator, and a woman who dedicates her every waking moment to self-education, she’s all about self-confidence as well as self-respect. A woman of conservative family values, she’s hoping to find a man who isn’t afraid to express his opinions at all times in a mutually gratifying conversation. As well, this girl wants to make sure whomever she chooses to spend her time with isn’t afraid to love, and more importantly, to express how he feels. AlexaBrighty is hoping to meet a man who knows the meaning of a monogamous, mutually equal relationship; one in which she is able to travel the world with. She’s a person of strong character, and has no use for drama or dishonesty. What she does want is a strong, ethical man, preferably one that follows the Christian faith. If he’s to be a man she cherishes, he’s pretty much going to need to become accustomed to well prepared home-cooked dishes. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Her curious spirit does not limit itself strictly to self-education. She’s also looking to share some erotic shades of her personality with the lucky guy she’s hoping to meet. Never one to shy away from direct, personal interaction, you know that this lady knows how to ignite the home fires within; with the goal of two blended souls becoming one in the art of passion.

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