Hgt:5' 5"
Wgt:115 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

Meet LaracKroft, of Odessa, Ukraine. Now, this is a gal that truly captures that “once upon a time” of days long past. A beautiful 23-year-old; this lady is looking for a compatible man who knows what he wants, and gets it. A professional economist, she’s no stranger to ambition and hard work. As a person of rigorous self-discipline, she expects no less in a man who walks with her through life’s journeys. A sweet yet definite soul, LaracKroft values kindness and honesty above all else in a man. She's also a woman who knows she’s with a guy that knows what communication means, and isn’t afraid to seek solutions with mutual problem solving. She’s also all about enjoying life along with her man. As a woman of old-world values, she knows keeping her gentleman happy is of the greatest of priorities. You can bet that she has your satisfaction in mind as she demonstrates the art of pleasure towards her partner. LaracKroft know the meaning of keeping a relationship strong, and absolutely believes in being a strong, supportive wife; one who focuses on keeping dialogue flowing at all times. That sometimes means give and take, while other times it means giving of herself in whatever it takes to keep a smile upon his face. No matter when you wish, there isn’t a time she would be unavailable to keeping a relationship strong and pleasurable. She knows that she’ll be given that same sensual consideration in return. She’s always happy to lay in your arms, and more importantly, to yield to your male desires, so that every day is as unforgettable as the last.

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