Hgt:5' 4"
Wgt:112 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

No Shy Violet. Meet CocoRosie. This is a 25-year-old beauty that knows what she wants in life, and how to achieve it. She’s a Ukrainian honey that believes in old-fashioned family values, and appreciates strength in a man; both physically and emotionally. Now, while her feminine wiles might cause a man to assume she’s a lightweight; when it comes to her passions in life, she’s all about work and communication. Cocorosie, a member of Hot Russian Brides, strives to keep her charms both supple yet firm through both diet and exercise. Now, that’s not to say she wouldn’t indulge herself on special occasions. Perhaps a little late-night whip cream? A passionate artist, this Libra woman loves being alive; yet in her quieter moments; craves the touch of a man with convictions. She has no criteria for physical preference when it comes to her ideal male. Her desire, however, is to meet someone who is her pillar of strength during challenging times. All she asks in return is that she be allowed to reciprocate. This lady loves being a woman who will make sure her man knows she’s all about him and family. It’s her hope she may meet the man of her dreams, and start a family together. A family where both parents count when it comes to raising children traditionally. She’s also not one to forget why he chose her in the first place; and puts a priority into keeping her guy smiling after a hard day at work. This girl’s a beautiful gift; all yours for the taking.