Miss MAY


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She'sLooking for Love

Our Lady of the Month this issue is a 25-year old chestnut haired beauty. She is a flirtatious yet terribly romantic young lady who is very active and in search of an active man to match her needs. She loves dressing in sexy clothes, just look at the pictures of her in her tight white shirt and short skirt and you will see what we mean. Now imagine her tending to your manly needs while on her knees or on all fours and you will see that this hot Russian is a definite keeper. She loves to be festive over any sort of holiday and is always in good spirits. She has never been married and is just waiting for the perfect man to come along and sweep her off her feet. She would love to be seen on your arm and be taken around town and showed off. Attending special events and parties with her man is another one of her great passions. Speaking of passion, that is another area where she strives to be the best. After spending all those cold nights in Mother Russia, she is more than ready to be warmed up by her next partner and future husband. No less a manly man than Sylvester Stallone said about a certain young Russian that he was once involved with, “She was always eager to please and very loyal, even with our crazy lifestyle”. Russian women are renowned the world over as being loyal to their men and this one is certainly no exception.

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