Hgt:5' 3"
Wgt:106 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

This blue-eyed woman is a dreamer, a sun-seeker, a kind spirit looking for love. Smilewoman—like her alias suggests—loves to smile and make others do the same. Her friends describe her as kind, understanding of others’ point of view, accepting of others and welcoming. She mentions that if a suitor has children—she would accept them as her own. Described by some as sympathetic, Smilewoman can hold her own, so don’t be fooled by her sweetness—this woman has fiery emotions! However, she mentions she’s “able to apologize first,” even if she’s right. She’s looking for a supportive, generous soul to share her life, someone who meets her kindness and matches her heart and motivation. Smilewoman is looking for a man who has goals of his own, who knows how to take care of himself and a woman. Originally from the city Odessa by the Black Sea in southern Ukraine, Smilewoman’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Of course like others with the Aquarius sign, Smilewoman is smart, progressive, original, independent, and a genuine humanitarian. Smilewoman also knows how to take care of herself—she doesn’t smoke or drink. She stands five feet tall and three inches. Not having any kids and having never been married, Smilewoman is sociable, liking to meet new people, open-minded and having an interesting personality. Her hair is light brown, she identifies as Christian and speaks little English—but she’s learning. Being only 22, she understands the value of a reliable man who can support her—and she will gladly do the same!

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