Hgt:5' 4"
Wgt:110 lbs

She'sLooking for Love

Charming Lena embraces all things creative and adventurous. As a stylist, she describes herself as gentle, kind, sensitive, open, honest and sincere. She loves to travel and dreams to make her way around the entire globe with her future husband! She has only seen her home country of Ukraine, coming from the nation’s capital of Kiev in the northern central region. She has elementary English skills but can communicate her sense of self through her style, creative mind and sense of integrity. Her zodiac sign is Aires, and like other Aires she is a leader, independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, and courageous. Lena has never been married but desires children, looking to find a man who’s reliable, honest and sincere. She says she prefers men who are slightly impulsive as this suits her sense of adventure and bravery! She also prefers a man with a sense of humor, who takes “people as they are,” and who’ll treat her with kindness and respect. Like herself, this green-eyed damsel seeks someone who can get the best out of this life, mature enough to make a relationship work, and who can take serious steps towards making a life together. This 28 year-old beauty loves life and looks forward to finding a man to explore the world with! Lena goes by the online username “CharmingLena” and when she’s not styling hair or hanging out with the girls, she can be found on www.hotrussianbrides.com

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