The Coolest Apps That are Trending

Let’s start by saying the title is a bit of a lie. There are so many cool apps available today that it’s impossible for us to pick just one. Given that, here are several apps that every man should have on his smart phone.

Tie-A-Tie Deluxe App
Whether you rarely wear a tie or just want to add more flair than usual, this app is perfect. This app provides step-by-step instructions on how to tie seven different knots. It also tells you which type of shirt collar works best with which one. ‘Tie-a-Tie’ deluxe will also tell you which events are appropriate for which fancy knot so you can dress to impress. This app is tailor-made for the man who wants to look perfectly polished for any occasion.
One of the coolest apps out there, ‘Stachetastic’ is the ultimate guide to facial hair. Although it won’t help you if you struggle to grow more than peach fuzz, this app will tell you what to do with any facial hair you can grow. You’ll learn what type of mustache and beard will work best for the shape of your face and how to create it. Time-saving feature – use the app to superimpose your desired ‘stache over your picture and then send it to social media sites for opinions before you start growing.
Weber’s On the Grill App
Not every man is a grill master by nature, but none of your guests will know that when you use the ‘On the Grill’ app from Weber. Simply input your cut of meat and its thickness and this app will tell you exactly how to grill it. The app also includes over 250 grill recipes and tons of grilling tips and videos to teach you what you need to know about the manliest way to cook meat.
120 Sports
If you love sports, you’ll love ‘120 Sports’. Most sports apps leave a lot to be desired, but ‘120 Sports’ is one of the coolest apps for tracking games. With a clean interface and smooth operation, this app makes it easy to track scores and get all the sports talk and news a man could want.

Of course, there are many other awesome apps on the market too that can help you with all kinds of tasks. PMS Buddy, for example, can help you track the menstrual cycle of the woman in your life so you know when to come home with chocolate and flowers. Distiller shows you which whiskey is right for the occasion while PS Dept lets someone else do your shopping for you so you can avoid the mall. Spend a little time at the app store and you’ll find lots of helpful apps that can make life a bit easier.

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