Beautiful, Loving and Loyal

Frustrated with their marriage prospects, many men turn to mail order brides to find loyal, beautiful, and loving wives. Men are generally intrigued by international women, but they seem particularly interested in Russian & Ukrainian Brides. Maybe, that’s because these women seem exotic and mysterious, or because they’re eager to learn new languages and experience new cultures. It could be because they’re recognized internationally for being stunningly beautiful and loyal.

But why would such beautiful ladies be interested in Western men? Well, Eastern women strive to be excellent wives, but their marriage prospects in the former Soviet region are a bit strained. Once they reach the age of majority, Slavic women outnumber their male counterparts. This limits their prospects and many Ukrainian and Russian woman end up seeking life-partners outside their country.

On the surface, these women are seen as fun-loving and enjoy drinking and dancing, but they’re really much deeper than their outer beauty and carefree attitude might suggest. Most Slavic women have had to overcome immense hardships compared to the ‘TV-style drama’ of Western women. The alcoholism rate among Russian and Ukrainian men is extremely high and the suicide rate among these men is one of the highest in the world. So Russian and Ukrainian women often feel ‘trapped’ within a dysfunctional culture. On one hand, their society places extremely high value on family and loyalty. For this reason, most Russian women want to focus on being wives and mothers. However, the remaining men do not appear to share in these values. The high rate of alcohol abuse among men is robbing women of the lives they want and deserve. Like females the world-over, Russian and Ukrainian women desire a stable and loving family. This requires a dependable man who will keep them safe and places family first. In return, she will gladly shower him with affection and appreciation. But in order to focus on being a good wife and mother, they need a man who is capable both physically and emotionally of providing that environment.

For that reason, a caring man will not only experience love and loyalty with an exotic, mysterious and sexy woman, but he’ll discover an equal partner full of feminine strength. With so many articles written about the difficulty finding suitable husbands and their desire to create a family, it’s easy for Western men to under-estimate these beauties. But, to assume that her potential is limited to domestic skills would be a reflection of our own shortcomings. We’re the ones suffering from inadequate schooling and a constrained knowledge of the rest of the world - not them!

Russian and Ukrainian women are highly educated, and enjoy learning and experiencing new things. They’re able to converse in multiple languages and enjoy traveling to far-off lands rich in culture and steeped in history. They grow up knowing suitable men are in short supply and though they may desire a family, most are accustomed to fending for themselves. Many have become accomplished athletes, models, entrepreneurs and career professionals. These wonderful ladies are not to be taken for granted, but rather “to be savored, like a rare vintage fine wine”.

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